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11th September 2017
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CascadeGo will take the pain out of HR for visitors to The Business Show

16th October 2017 - Posted By CascadeGo To News & Events
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Helping organisations maximise their employees' potential is CascadeGo's focus for The Business Show 2017, as they prepare for the Olympia London event on 16-17 November.

The renowned HR software brand - part of IRIS Human Capital Management - will head to the expo for the first time this Autumn. And their message for the 25,000 attendees will be how to use technology to engage employees, boost performance and future-proof commercial entities.

Visitors to CascadeGo's stand (1260) will not only be able to speak to the team's HR tech experts about their businesses - they'll also be able to try out the software for themselves.

Interactive modules such as expenses, recruitment and training are complemented by a new resources section which includes multiple HR templates from ACAS, Britain's leading impartial authority on workplace effectiveness. With the documents arranged in three easy-to-access sections, this recent addition means CascadeGo customers can now benefit from professional - and free - guidance when hiring, managing and disciplining employees.

There's also a new rota tool, access to free training, a complimentary GDPR health-check resource and a checklist for organisations that want to transparently report on their gender pay gap.

"The very purpose of CascadeGo is to strip the pain out of HR," explains product director Paul Sparkes. "We're giving small businesses the tools to manage employees - and their data - quickly, efficiently and effectively, even if their in-house resource is in short supply. And, because our HR system is modular and scalable, clients only pay for the functionality that's important to them."

Elsewhere Paul will take to the stage on Thursday 16th November at 15.30 to deliver an advice-led talk - Using HR tech to realise the full potential of employees. Elaborating on the content and purpose of this session, he explained: "There is widespread fear that tech is replacing the role of humans in the workplace but the right systems can actually empower employees to become more efficient, productive and reach their full potential.

"Focusing specifically on HR software, I'll therefore provide practical tips for organisations of any size to action when they leave the show, regardless of whether they have a dedicated Human Resources department."

CascadeGo is proving incredibly popular within the SME space, with the company having doubled its customer base in the past 12 months, particularly in the finance, marketing and creative services industries.

The product is just one cloud-based solution within IRIS HCM's HR and payroll software suite. IRIS HCM has 80,000 clients in total and the wider IRIS Software Group - of which CascadeGo is a part - powers the payroll function for 14% of the UK's companies.

Now in its 18th year, The Business Show is the fastest growing business exhibition in Europe. Keynote speakers include Pure Gym founder, Peter Roberts; the latest Dragon in the Den, Jenny Campbell; fashion retail guru & Dragons' Den star Touker Suleyman; and Crystal Palace FC chairman, Steve Parish. Google's Digital Garage will also be delivering free 1-2-1 digital training throughout.

Entry is free but pre-registration is advised online.
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