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Absence management dashboard in CascadeGo Software

Increase Your Efficiency With Enterprise Level Online HR Software

Our flexible, secure and easy-to-use HR software saves you time and money by making HR admin simple. It�s our core platform, and the self-service hub from which our additional modules operate. Read more about our comprehensive HR software below to learn how this intuitive, robust and future-proof HR solution can make a difference to your business.

Employee directory page

Employee Directory

Keep accurate contact details for your workforce

Our HR software allows you to search for employees by name, location, department, team and job title, and maintain a leavers� directory for future reference. Because our HR software is self-service, employees can update their personal details and emergency contacts when required, moving basic admin away from HR and saving you time.


Gain business insights with our detailed reports

CascadeGo�s simple-to-use reporting can help to drive your HR strategy, and is available across a multitude of HR related areas. Reports allow you to analyse broad, top-level trends across your organisation or drill down to more granular levels for deeper understanding.

Reporting tool and graphing function showing graphs and pie charts
Absence management dashboard


Accurately track your employees� holiday totals

The software allows employees to submit holiday requests from anywhere with an internet connection. Holiday requests are routed to the appropriate manager, on approval the employee�s used and remaining holiday entitlements are automatically updated. Our integrated team calendar ensures you�ll always know who�s on holiday and can help you avoid being left short-staffed.


Manage staff sickness and identify any issues

This CascadeGo feature allows sickness records to be logged against an employee. The software also flags up employees who have had a holiday request denied, but still logged a day off work. Employees can self-certify from anywhere with an internet connection, and attach documents such as a doctor�s certificate. Bradford factors are automatically calculated, and reminders can be set to prompt back-to-work interviews if required.

Self certification sickness form
Appraisal form

Employee Engagement

Ensure employees bring their whole self to work

CascadeGo�s communication tools can help you tell a strong narrative about your organisation, including where it�s come from and where it�s going. By giving your employees a voice with our surveying tool, you gain feedback on important issues so you can take action.

Company Handbook

Keep everyone up-to-date with company procedures

Our software allows you to maintain an up-to-date electronic version of your company handbook, so employees can review company policies and procedures 24/7. Administrators can easily add, remove or edit documents, and can temporarily suspend access when making changes.

Company handbook screen
Form used to log training and qualification records

Training, Qualifications and Professional Memberships

Easily manage employee development programmes

CascadeGo enables employees and their line managers to log all training and qualifications. This includes recording any CPD hours accrued, logging associated training costs and recording the employer�s contribution. It�s also possible to set reminders to trigger when memberships or qualifications need renewing.

Mobile Access

Use our app to effectively manage HR on-the-move

Our easy to use iPhone app provides remote access to our HR software meaning employees can manage their absence and access the company directory via their smartphone no matter where they are.

video play button
Read and accept tool within our HR system


Keep a robust record of critical communications

The read and accept feature of our HR software logs which employees have read, accepted or queried important communications. You can also send reminder emails to employees who have not yet accepted a document.

Automatic Reminders

Ensure important tasks get done

Our software allows line managers to create personal alerts or combined alerts for themselves and their direct line reports. Employees can also create personal alerts, and the software can be used to send reminders for key events such as End of Probation or a Training Review. Administrators have the same privileges as managers, but with wider scope across the entire organisation.

Reminder tool
Total reward statement tool

Salary & Benefits

An easy way to manage your employees� rewards

Use our HR software to communicate the total value of an employee�s benefits package with an easy to understand reward statement, which automatically updates with any change to an employee�s pay and other benefits. You can also use the software to model and test proposed salary changes against your budgets and, once approved, you can quickly create personalised salary change letters using our mail merge feature.

Form used to create a new performance item

Payroll Processing

  • Draft and final pay runs
  • On-line payslips
  • On-line Statement of Earnings
  • Transmit BACS file for Net pay
  • Bank Account/Sort Code validation
  • Leaver processing
  • Payroll queries helpline for administrators
  • Salary sacrifice & company sick scheme processing

Payroll Reporting

  • Payroll reports
  • SSP
  • SMP, SPP and SAP
  • General Ledger file
  • Full auditing
  • Preparation for RTI
CascadeGo performance management software showing a spider web style graph to highlight where an employee�s current performance levels are vs. their pdp
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